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Selling without pitching


How can you sell without pitching? Organic without ad, website and list

I love organic. I love working with clients, who respect me and pay me the price that I deserve. Working free equals modern slavery.

So the big question is how can you attract your clients in a way that they chase you? Without ad, website, list.

How did I do it and get a new client who chased me?

This true story happened on 14 September 2019 after I had a coaching session with my coach. Yes, I also have my coach... This was my first session with him. We are a good match because both of us are enthusiastic, love work, work hard, study a lot, and have a high level desire to improve. He gave me information about sales call and I took notes. We also worked on my strategy.

So how did my new client come to me?

I joined a Facebook group of entrepreneurs. There was a post where somebody asked about your problems of launching your coaching course. A guy answered in some sentences that he doesn't want to spam his friends and family. I liked this answer, so I asked him what's his niche. He answered, and that was it. I liked his niche because it was special.

3 hours later the same day I got a booking in my calendar. I use a CRM and get email notification about bookings. I got his name and email with his location.

I am in a lot of groups talking to a lot of people so I tried to remember who is he and how did he book? My webinar was not launched and published yet.

It was important for me to remember who he is to get information before our call. So I checked some groups to find him, and I also checked my group. Luckily I found him in my group. I was reverse engineering. How could he book a call with me?

So the steps he took to be able to find me were:
After my answer he checked my Facebook profile. (He didn't send a message or connected me, just watched it) Then on my profile he saw my free offer, which is: Join my group.
After joining my group he saw the first pinned post which is a free membership site that I created. He clicked on it and registered. In the membership site there is no offer, no sale, no pitch, just useful advice about coaching (templates, business plan, script, tips, etc.) On the first page there is my introduction, and my website. My website is redirected to my webinar. And my webinar is redirected to my calendar booking page. He did all this in 2-3 hours.

It was late night so I went to sleep. The next day when I found him in my group I connected him. Then he wrote me a message that he wants to talk to me. We talked in skype.

I talked to him after my session with my coach. We agreed in the price and starting date.
I sent a testimonial to my coach and we published it on his LinkedIn profile. :-) I was really grateful to him. My ROI was 22.5:1 which means that I got 22.5 times more income than I invested in one day with one client. But I went to sleep so it is 2 days.
ROI= Return on Investment In my case it is 2,250%

I can't wait our next session with him.......... :-) 
So this is the story of how I got my new client organic. I hope it was useful.

Terez Szalontai

Strategy coach
My Facebook group:

14 September 2019

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