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How to influence people with social media?

"Involvement through Empowerment.  This was the mission of the Barack Obama campaign. The first political campaign in history to truly harness the power of social media to spread the word, garner support and get people engaged. The Obama campaign reached 5 million supporters on 15 different social Networks over the course of campaign season; by November 2008, Obama had approximately 2.5 million (some sources say as many as 3.2 million) Facebook supporters, 115,000 Twitter followers, and 50 million viewers of his YouTube channel. “No other candidate has ever integrated the full picture the way [Obama] has, that’s what’s really new about his campaign,” said Michael Malbin, executive director of the Campaign Finance Institute." Source: Click here 

The new source of influence in our days is internet and social media? Why? Because people go there to entertain, get information, find interesting news, all free. Especially young and the new generation use it frequently, some hours per day every day or more. We chat, we play, we learn, we watch films, etc. we do these activities online, not in the real life any more. The online world become our real life.

Since we live our life on the internet, we can be influenced where we are. I work online full time for 10+ years. Almost everybody uses computers, internet, smart phone all over the world. It gives chance to everyday people to become famous and rich from one day to the other, even with a very simple, few minute video. A simple song can have 6 billion views:

Even the British Royal Family has Twitter account and publish news, photos via Twitter and social media. Most people are on social media, have account. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, blog etc.) Families keep contact via social media, mothers with their sons, grandparents with grandchildren, etc.

These are the reasons why is it so important. Now let's see how we can utilize it to influence people in a positive way?

First of you you have to determine what is your purpose? It should serve the future, better life of people. This is a good intention. Then you decide how can you serve, contribute to this. How are you special? (everybody is special)
Then you have to show it, present it in a way that people like. Nobody likes boring things. People choose social media, it is their choice. They will watch your profile, video, page because it is: useful, interesting or entertaining for them. They learn something, get information about something, understand something and use it, or just makes them feel good.

On the internet anybody can publish anything, but people find value fast. You can find your audience fast and easy and build your audience. For example via your own Facebook group, LinkedIn group. Create one for yourself and people who like you will gather there, they become your followers. It means whatever you publish they will see it, it appears on their wall. If they are part of your group. You can have more groups, pages. You influence them with your content and with engagement. You involve them, ask questions, make polls, games, interact with them. You make them take some action. (click, watch, subscribe, follow, download, etc.) If they do what you want, it is influence. Why do they do it? Because they think it is good for them. Useful, interesting and value. So they gain something. You also gain: influence. It is win-win.

People believe and trust in social media because everyday people post, share who are authentic, it's about their real life, struggles, happiness, sadness, family, job, etc. They don't manipulate, just honest. If people know, like and trust you, that is influence. Basic requirements of sale. How can you do it with social media? Provide valuable content, give some part of it free, create an opt-in page where people can opt in (you build email database) for a free content. They can see it, try it free. There is no risk for them. And if they like it, they will buy because they've tried, they know, like and trust you.
You eliminated their risk, their fair of loss. You can automate all these. This is what I do. I build online automated sales funnels, webinars, membership sites. One of the fastest ways is to cooperate with influencers. They are people with huge number of followers. (mostly celebrities, but also everyday people) They can have thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, and even millions of followers. Just imagine their influence if they post something.

On the internet you can choose your surrounding. So collect people around you who care about you, who support you, understand you and just ignore those who aren't. (delete them) Be very selective. Since this is your environment, you create your own environment for yourself on the internet. Your content for them should be useful and engaging. Make a reserach, ask them privately one by one about their problems. (relevant, interesting, timely, entertaining) Be consistent. Engage, activate people, don't only broadcast, involve people. 

I encourage you to use social media, give your gift, talent to the world for our future.

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Written by: Terez Szalontai
20 September 2019
Hungary, Europe

Selling without pitching

How can you sell without pitching? Organic without ad, website and list

I love organic. I love working with clients, who respect me and pay me the price that I deserve. Working free equals modern slavery.

So the big question is how can you attract your clients in a way that they chase you? Without ad, website, list.

How did I do it and get a new client who chased me?

This true story happened on 14 September 2019 after I had a coaching session with my coach. Yes, I also have my coach... This was my first session with him. We are a good match because both of us are enthusiastic, love work, work hard, study a lot, and have a high level desire to improve. He gave me information about sales call and I took notes. We also worked on my strategy.

So how did my new client come to me?

I joined a Facebook group of entrepreneurs. There was a post where somebody asked about your problems of launching your coaching course. A guy answered in some sentences that he doesn't want to spam his friends and family. I liked this answer, so I asked him what's his niche. He answered, and that was it. I liked his niche because it was special.

3 hours later the same day I got a booking in my calendar. I use a CRM and get email notification about bookings. I got his name and email with his location.

I am in a lot of groups talking to a lot of people so I tried to remember who is he and how did he book? My webinar was not launched and published yet.

It was important for me to remember who he is to get information before our call. So I checked some groups to find him, and I also checked my group. Luckily I found him in my group. I was reverse engineering. How could he book a call with me?

So the steps he took to be able to find me were:
After my answer he checked my Facebook profile. (He didn't send a message or connected me, just watched it) Then on my profile he saw my free offer, which is: Join my group.
After joining my group he saw the first pinned post which is a free membership site that I created. He clicked on it and registered. In the membership site there is no offer, no sale, no pitch, just useful advice about coaching (templates, business plan, script, tips, etc.) On the first page there is my introduction, and my website. My website is redirected to my webinar. And my webinar is redirected to my calendar booking page. He did all this in 2-3 hours.

It was late night so I went to sleep. The next day when I found him in my group I connected him. Then he wrote me a message that he wants to talk to me. We talked in skype.

I talked to him after my session with my coach. We agreed in the price and starting date.
I sent a testimonial to my coach and we published it on his LinkedIn profile. :-) I was really grateful to him. My ROI was 22.5:1 which means that I got 22.5 times more income than I invested in one day with one client. But I went to sleep so it is 2 days.
ROI= Return on Investment In my case it is 2,250%

I can't wait our next session with him.......... :-) 
So this is the story of how I got my new client organic. I hope it was useful.

Terez Szalontai

Strategy coach
My Facebook group:

14 September 2019

How to use social media to find clients?

My research
I made a survey for 3 years about the best and most engaging posts, comments and sales copy. Who am I and why did I do this? How can you benefit from it?

My name is Terez Szalontai. I am from Hungary, Europe. I am an online ESL teacher, CEO of my Online Education Ltd. and a strategy business coach. I work from home full time for 10+ years.

Why did I do it?
I did this study for myself. I have to promote myself, my services (online teaching, mentoring), nobody does it for me or instead of me. This is my full time job, all my income comes from the internet, so I heavily depend on it. Beside all these my aim is to be one of the best, improve and be able to help better and more people.

How did I do it and how can you benefit from it? What does the study, research contain?

I did it systematically, I joined about 100 groups (mainly female entrepreneurs) and spent hours in these groups watching, reading, taking notes and printscreens, and analysing. Every day in the last 3 years. Later I made some comments, engaged, received messages and sometimes posted. I did all these activities about 5-10 times a day. (between my lessons) It just took some minutes / occasion. And some hours per day, every day.

Then I took all data to a spreadsheet, analysed and filtered it with different aspects, like: engagement, effectiveness, time duration, number of responses, time involved, etc. and assigned ratings and priorities. (conversion, ROI =Return On Investment and with other different aspects) I took about 300 print screens, compared 500 data, used formula and charts in Excel with the help of a data analyst. (who is my student, a programmer mathematician)

The result
At the end I had a list of the most effective, less time consuming, best converting and best methods for contacting, messaging people to getting leads and turning them to paying clients. I saw a lot of methods that other coaches, agencies use, I saw behind the curtain. I started to see the end goal behind the first sentence, I could see the process and the steps they use. I just became very professional of it because of the very high number of hours that I spent with it, thinking about it and analysing all data I collected and tested.

How can you benefit from this case study?

First of all you save 3 years (average 2 hours/ day- every day) in your life, a lot of manual work (print screen, taking notes, creating spreadsheet, comparing, analysis, testing) and get the end result of my work. Now you understand my motivation.

Why do I share it with you?
I share it because I know how important it is in my business to generate leads and turn them to clients. I teach full time online, this is my job. I get all my students and clients online from the internet.

All doing it online step by step. This is my full time job for more than 10 years. I’ve collected and selected the best of the best offers, copy and sales tactics. This study is the result of all my work. This makes it possible for me to live independent, have a very flexible schedule, and work with selected students, clients. Yes, I can select them, and I do. :-) I just teach and work with the most motivated, most intelligent, most respectful and loyal people who I selected personally. They are the lucky ones! ;-)

I know exactly the problems, struggles, hardship of the implementation because I did it alone. I want to help you with this case study material to accelerate your business growth.

If you want me to send you this research publication you will find it in my Facebook Group. Click here:

Terez Szalontai
Online Education Ltd.

8 September 2019