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The 3 typical mistakes of coaches


So you are a coach or you want to be a coach.(advisor, practicioner, lifestyle coach, etc.)
You want clients. You know your skills, you know your past and experiences and you want to help people and you know that you can help people. But to be able to do that you need paying clients who can benefit your knowledge and services.

Mistake #1
Call to action- too fast
Coaching is about human connection. To sell to a human you need 3 things: know, like and trust. Most coaches want to cut the way short and fast. They want to jump on a call after a few sentences to a total stranger (who is their potential customer). Where is knowing, liking, and trust? Nowhere. To know somebody, to relate her, to understand her, to serve her you need time. Do you trust a total stranger on the street? Why would you trust on social media, where you don't even see and hear the other. You wouldn't do that either. So why do you expect others to have a call with you after talking a little once or twice? Without knowing, liking and trust it doesn't work. But it takes time if you do it this way.

The consequences of mistake #1
You can scare your prospect who instead of turning to you runs away from you. Not because you are a bad person, but because he/she doesn't have any information about you, just because of timing.

Mistake #2
Undercharge- being cheap
What is your value? Is your offer, what you can do valuable? What do you think about it? Can it be transformative, beneficial to your client? Can it change his life? What is the value of it?
If you don't value your own knowledge and service how do you expect others to value it? You set your value, you set your price. Low price conveys the message: I am low value to you. What I know is just a little help to you, worth a little.

The consequences of mistake #2
You won't be considered as a high value expert. There are a lot of coaches with low price, you are just one of them. You are not unique, outstanding. You convey the message: I am cheap, my service is cheap, choose me. On the contrary the client who needs high quality service, won't chose you. 

Mistake #3
Doing everything manual. If you take time and listen to others, it takes a lot of time. You will avoid mistake #1 because you will know the other person, he will know you sooner or later, maybe also like you and trust you. But it may take hours and even months. During this period you can be tired, exhausted, bored, etc. And at the end it is not sure that even with all conditions done the prospect has money for your services and says yes to you. Then you become angry because you did your best, nurtured somebody and the end is a no.

The consequences of mistake #3
You waste time, and after some rejection start questioning yourself, believing in your values, you can be burnout, spend time with foreign people who will never be your clients. After longer period you can lose your interest, motivation and get bored, discouraged.

What is the solution for the 3 mistakes? How can you avoid, prevent these mistakes and find the best solution?

The solution for mistake#1
I believe in my sales funnel. It gives you the opportunity to proper introduction. You can do it with a webinar that is 30-90 minute. During this time you can show your values, you can introduce yourself, talk about your services, etc. You can build know, like, trust factor in one hour. If the prospect doesn't watch your webinar that is one hour long, how do you expect them to take sessions with you? In this case he is not your client. At least it turns out at the beginning before you even talk to him/her.

The solution for mistake#2
Raise your price. With low price you can't use softwares that are needed for your automatized sales funnel and webinar. These are great way to get clients, accelerate the process of client acquisition, make it easy and predictable. It is evergreen, works 24/7 nonstop.

The solution for mistake#3
You only talk to motivated, well informed people who already know who you are, what are your values, services and price. Before the call they can decide if you are a good fit to work. The system filters your candidates instead of you. All made automatically. You can use questionnaires to get information about your prospects before the call, and these information helps you a lot during the call.

If you want to build your sales funnel and webinar with us, contact me. Click here

Written by:
Terez Szalontai
Strategy coach
Hungary, 19 June 2019

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