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My services: 
- building your automated sales funnel
- making your webinar
- automatize the steps
- create videos, intros, logos
- build your brand
- planning and building your strategy, coaching
- building your membership site
- build your email list

- the funnel that I use costs $90/ month
It includes list building, automated email sending to a list, opt-in pages, membership site, live helpdesk, ticketing helpdesk, payment gateway integration (Stripe, Paypal, etc.) Calendar booking, Questionnaire

- the webinar that I use is evergreen. It runs 24/7. It costs $500/ year.
You can use live webinar, it has the same price. If you don't have this much money at the beginning you can use my webinar.

- Me and my team make your webinar for about $100. (can be more or less depending on the length)
We can make it in 1-2 weeks. If it is urgent in 3-4 days. 

Other costs: 
Negotiable, can be commission based, or fix.

As an affiliate of my funnel software and for my webinar software I get 40% commission.
I am the affiliate because I am a satisfied client and user of these softwares for a long time. The company is great and makes updates continuously, I am happy to use their softwares and recommend them to others.

I am a strategy coach. I believe in strategies and cooperation. You will have the knowledge, the tools, but you also need a strategy and a coach who is always there for you. Even if you have any technical questions or emotional issues. Coaching is complex, you can do it with a supportive team behind you. Doing it alone is almost impossible. Me and my team support you on your way in all possible ways. We have weakly personal (one to one) coaching. You become a member of our coaching community beside people who help you to sell your services. (affiliates, high ticket closers, other coaches, advisors, technical staff members, etc.) I believe in cooperation and win-win situation.

Written by:
Terez Szalontai
Strategy Coach

21 June 2019 Hungary

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