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Job interview Prepare for your English job interview 250 questions and answers Hospitality (food bloggers, open a restaurant)
Real estate (agents, realtors, investors) From Zero to Hero- Start your coaching business
Coach directory (all type of coaches) Sales call expert Learn how to close prospects
Learn English (6 level online course) Health and fitness coach (Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition, etc.)
Network marketing (CBD oil, Bitcoin, Herbalife, etc.) Wedding organiser Planning and styling
LinkedIn strategy Your online course (for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs)

Job interview-
250 questions and answers with audio

Membership site. $47/ month.
Checkout at the end of the webinar. 28 minutes.
Target group: career coaches, HR consultants, job applicants.
Opt-in page: Click here
Webinar opt-in: Click here
Website: Click here 
Registration for affiliates: Click here

Affiliates are people who sell your online courses for commission. JV Partners recruit your affiliates. They also work for commission. You decide how much commission do you give them.
I give 10% for affiliates and 5% for JV Partners. I also work with HTC professionals. (HTC= High Ticket Closer) Their commission is negotiable after sale. They make the sales calls.

>>> Real estate online course
6 week online course for real estate agents, brokers, realtors, companies and investors.
Topic: Accelerate your sale with your automated sales funnel and webinar. We create it for you.
$1990 one time payment. It includes weekly personal one to one coaching. (in Zoom or Skype)

Demo website (Dubai real estate): Click here
Short video page: Click here

Webinar: Click here
Affiliate's checkout page: Click here 
Registration for affiliates: Click here

The steps of automatization:
1.) Page with a short video. Click here
2.) The short video redirects to the webinar. Click here
3.) The webinar redirects to a calendar. Click here
4.) The calendar redirects to a questionnaire. Click here

All are automated without clicking. It means that the lead doesn't have to click between the steps. Redirection is automated. New tabs open automatically at the end in their browser. Try it and see! Click here

On top of that you can subscribe your leads to your lists and automated email sequences in the different stages/steps tailor made. It is made by tagging which is also automated. All are made in one platform!!!

>>> Coach directory membership site
FREE membership
Website: Click here
Registration page: Click here
Facebook group for Coach Directory Members: (free to join)
Click here


>>> Portal with 6 products (Learn English)
It contains a 6 level English teaching online course. You can buy them one by one. Click here


>>> Network marketing online course
Registration page: Click here
Webinar replay: Click here 


>>> Hospitality online course 
Website: Click here

Affiliates' registration: Click here


>>> From Zero to Hero online course
for coaches who want to start their business now

Website: Click here
Affiliates' registration:  Click here



>>> Sales call expert online course
Become the expert of sales calls and online selling!
Website: Click here
Affiliates' registration: Click here


>>> Health and fitness coach 


 >>> Wedding organiser 



>>> Your online course

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