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From Zero to Full time Coach


How can you become a full time coach from scratch?

Being a full time coach has a lot of advantages. Most of all it gives you freedom. You don't have a boss, you don't have to travel to your workplace, your working hours are flexible, you work as much as you want, who you want with, where you want, etc. You can select your clients, and have one to one coaching, group coaching, or sell your course. You can meet them personally if you want or work 100% online. I have been working 100% online for 10 years from home. I live in Hungary. (Europe)

How does it start?
First of all decide about your niche. What kind of coach are you? Who can you help and how? Who is your target market? What is your expertise, experience? What are you good at? What do you want to teach? etc.

Step 1
The first step is to join my free membership site. Even if you don't have anything (website, money, resources) you can join because you will get every information that you need to start free. Click here to join.

Step 2
After joining you get access to the membership area. In this area you will see all steps and details you need to take. You can do it alone or with my help.

Step 3
Just follow the steps. If you need you can contact me for my help. I can guide you through the process, we can do it together, or I can do everything for you  (me and my team create what you need). If you want I can teach you, or if you don't want I just do everything. Or you can do everything alone if you don't need my help. It's up to you. You have all information that you need in your membership site.

Step 4
If you reach out for my help, we will have a free conversation about your needs, current situation, problems, I check your website (if you have) and give you a lot of advice. If you chose me to be your mentor, we agree on a price to work together. If you don't want to cooperate with me, you got a tons of useful advice free.

Step 5
What we do is: (you can do alone or with me, it's up to you) All information is in your FREE membership site.
- we create your offer (membership site), your coaching packages
- we create your webinar
- we create your automated sales funnel
- we create your websites, helpdesk, Calendar, Questionnaire
- you practice the sales call (strategy call, discovery call, first call) with me or with my team members if you want to do it.
- if you don't want to do sales calls then one of my team members will do it for you (they are professionals)

Step 6
I help you to get clients, we start promotion for you. You get your first client and start work. If you still need my help, I am there for you. :-) It is a long term cooperation. Meaning: years.... you can join my mastermind or retreat.

How much do all these cost? 
If you want to start and do it alone, al these cost zero. The first step for you is to join free. Click here

After joining you will get all information that you need to build your coaching business alone or with my help. If you want to buy all softwares for yourself then it is: $89/ month (CRM) I use Kartra; $497/ year (webinar) I use Everwebinar. I teach and show how to use them free.I am an affiliate for these softwares and company. I got 40% as an affiliate.

If you want to work with me, the price I charge for personal coaching, mentoring depends on your business, your current status, on your income, etc. In same cases I cooperate you totally free or for commission. I also have packages for set price. Contact me for more information. Click here.

These are the main steps. If you like them, start here: Click here
If you have any questions, contact me here: Click here

Terez Szalontai
Strategy coach
Hungary, Europe

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