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Contact data- Terez Szalontai

Hi My name is Terez Szalontai. I am an ESL teacher from Hungary. I work online from home. I teach English to my students online full time ...

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About me


I have 15 years experience with online marketing, creating websites, SEO, creating webinars and automated sales funnels. I not only do these but also teach if the client needs it. I have a small international team. I work 100% online in my company full time, I am the CEO. It is an Online Education Ltd. in Hungary.


My clients get great results. Some of them start from zero with no clue what to do. Maybe they have some ideas to start with... other clients have their own website, email list, Facebook group, followers but they can't monetize it. And the top clients want to grow their business from 5-6 to 7 figures. All with automatization and high ticket offers.

Szalontai Teréz

If you are interested, then:
talk about you !

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Job #1 Coach



- online coaching

lifestyle, business, strategy, marketing, finance, health and fitness, relationship, etc.

More info:
Click here


Job #2 Affiliate, JV Partner

Affiliate and JV Partner:
- an affiliate sells the products (online courses, membership) for 10% commission.

- A JV Partner recruits affiliates for 5% and helps their work.

Main topics:
real estate, coaching, job interview, learn and teach English online, online marketing automatization, hospitality, etc.

More info: Click here


Job #3 Freelancer


- video editor and creator
- presentation creator (Power Point)
- voice actor and actress
- copywriter

Main tasks:

- to create videos and presentations

- write copy

- keep deadline and have high quality work

More info: Click here


Job #4 HTC- High Ticket Closer

High ticket closer (HTC)


- have a live conversation with leads in Zoom or skype with webcam (very good internet, camera and mic is basic) + very good English (oral)

- He/she is polite, good looking, understanding and professional

- He/she can communicate very well. He can listen and question the leads and direct the sales conversation.

- He/she works for commission.

More info: Click here


Job #5 Video editor


Video editor

For the webinars we create videos. These are about 30-90 minute .mp4 video files. They contain presentation parts, made in Power Point or Keynote, Prezi and may contain video recordings of live videos (webcam). You can use effects, insert images, other videos. We provide the voice in .mp3 format. The deadline is about 1-2 weeks. We expect fast and hard work in very high quality.



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Contact data- Terez Szalontai


My name is Terez Szalontai. I am an ESL teacher from Hungary. I work online from home. I teach English to my students online full time for 10+ years via skype.

I am also a business coach. I help other coaches, consultants, public speakers, and entrepreneurs, business owners, investors to get their business online, create their first online course, automated membership site, sales funnel and webinar.

I create online speaking 3D humanoid robots in short .mp4 video format.

Contact data:
Due to spam protection and to avoid constant phone and Whatsapp calls I only give my Facebook group as my contact. I receive 10-20 unwanted offers called spam per day.That's a lot, I don't want to have more.

Here it is:

My website:

Terez Szalontai

4 April 2020

My business partners


Build your brand

Logo desing, branding, build your online image. Websites, design, webinars, images, videos.

Work with me! More info...
Online design

Let's design your online platform! (website, emails, webinar, membership site, helpdesk, etc.

Design together! More info...
Image and video editing

Websites, statistics, analysis, affiliates, business plans with the latest CRM and webinar software. All in one platform. Easy to use and fast. I show you, explain you and teach you everything. (or we just do it for you)

Let's start our cooperation! More info...

Do you do your administration and other tasks manually? Update to automatization! It is much easier and faster. You do it once and the system does it for you. It is evergreen and nonstop.

Automatize! More info


Online Education Ltd. Hungary (in European Union)
Teréz Szalontai
Online strategy coach
Automatized online sales funnels and mentoring
Book your appointment for our first FREE conversation. Click on the Calendar image above.
We can have a conversation in Zoom or skype. It is about 45 min with webcam.
After booking check your email for more details or contact me directly.


First name: Terez
Last name: Szalontai
Location: Hungary (Europe)
Time zone: CEST
Facebook: Click here
Facebook page: Click here
Facebook group: Click here
Instagram: Click here
Twitter: Click here
LinkedIn: Click here